Flo + The Escape Lane

Flo + the Escape Lane perform Flo Parker Bombosch's self penned songs of life, loss, and observations.

Their sound is equal parts indie, rock, and folk, featuring a driving rhythm section, dirty lead guitar, plaintiff piano and occasional raucous brass.

The band formed in 2022 and have since played various festivals, including Ragged Bear Festival, Towersey Festival, and Party In The Ponds. They play on a lot of the first album and will play lots on the second.

Flo Parker Bombasch

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar


I'm a Somerset-based singer/songwriter, coming from punk rock college bands and father-daughter folk harmony-focused duets.

I now make folk-indie-rock-something music, influenced by the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and The Frames.

John Hare

John plays keys and trumpet around the folk rock circuit.

He currently plays with Gavin Osborn and the Comment Section and Nick Parker and the False Alarms, predominantly performing at gigs and festivals around the UK and Europe.

Flo Parker Bombasch

Keys, Brass

Flo Parker Bombasch

Lead, Lap Guitar

Rich Godfrey

Rich is an experienced guitarist with musical background in a range of styles from blues to indie/alternative.

He has played with a handful of bands over the years and now specifically enjoys playing a blend of ambient and jagged guitar parts.

Phil Horler

Phil has been playing drums for 14 years, appearing with a plethora of bands across the South-West from ceilidh bands in town halls to punk bands at basement shows in Bristol.

He's also worked as a sound engineer for the last 7 years and is found either behind the desk or behind the drums most weekends.

Flo Parker Bombasch


Flo Parker Bombasch


Sean Phillips

Sean has loved music of all genres since he was young, and he started performing live with a small local band in 2019 for a few months, before taking a break from performing music over COVID.

He joined this band in 2022 performing on bass, and loves every minute he gets to spend on stage. His music taste is eclectic, but he's a huge metal fan primarily and adores the atmosphere of a live event.